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Welcome to the website for the Wilson County, TN Circuit Court Clerk's office. Debbie Moss is the elected Circuit Court Clerk, and oversees the clerks offices and keeps records of the Circuit Court, the Civil Division of the General Sessions Court and the Criminal Court.

The office of the Wilson County TN Court Clerk also issues all writs and processes for these courts.

On the Dockets page you will find online versions of court dockets here - we publish one week of dockets at a time.  If your docket is not listed you can call the court clerk and request a docket be e-mailed to you.

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General Sessions Court Divisions I and II

Typical cases tried in this court are civil cases under $25,000 for property damages or personal injury, warrants to recover personal property, detainers, and past due accounts. Also tried are criminal misdemeanor cases which include DUI, public drunk, assault and check violations, preliminary trials in felony cases and traffic violations. General Sessions Court also handles divorces and judicial commitments.

Barry Tatum - General Sessions Judge  - 444-2114
Haywood Barry - General Sessions Judge - 444-2045

General Sessions Court Division III - Family Court

Cases handled include divorces (including child support, child custody, etc.)  juvenile paternity, probate, orders of protection and commitments.

John T. Gwin - General Sessions Div. III Judge - 466-5323

Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court Clerk - 615-444-2114

Barry Tatum -Juvenile Court Judge 

Circuit Court

Cases handled include civil lawsuits over $15,000 for property damages or personal injury, minor's settlements, condemnations, divorces, child support, adoptions, name changes, worker's comp, and judicial commitments.

Clara Byrd - Circuit Court - Div. I - 444-2042
John Wootten, Jr. - Circuit Court - Div. II - 444-2042

Criminal Court

Cases handled include misdemeanor and felony cases (DUI, murder, rape, robbery and check violations). Cases brought to trial have been investigated by a Grand Jury and an indictment has been returned by the Grand Jury.

Brody Kane - Criminal Court Judge - 444-1488

Chancery Court

Cases handled include divorces, partition suits, contempt's, all kinds of land cases, adoptions, workers comp cases, contract debt cases, writ of certioraris, mechanics and materialmen's liens, delinquent taxes, and child support on divorces granted through this court.


C. K. Smith - 15th Judicial District - 444-2835