Wilson County Courts, Wilson County Tennessee
Wilson County Courts, Wilson County Tennessee

Court Fees

You can download and print court fee documents below.
The documents are .PDF format and require a compatible .PDF reader.
Get Adobe PDF reader for free by clicking the Adobe icon below:



downloadCIRCUIT COURT I & II FEES 10/4/2016 (Judge Clara Byrd and Judge John Wootten’s Courts)

downloadCRIMINAL COURT FEES 7/1/2016  (Judge Brody Kane & Judge John Wootten’s Courts)

downloadGENERAL SESSIONS I & II FEES 10/4/2016 (Judge Haywood Barry and Judge Barry Tatum)

downloadGENERAL SESSIONS III FEES 10/4/2016 (Judge John Gwin’s Court)

downloadJUVENILE CHILD SUPPORT FEES 7/1/2016  (Judge John Gwin’s Court)

downloadALL OTHER JUVENILE COURT FEES 7/1/2016  (Judge Barry Tatum’s Court)

Circuit Court, General Sessions Family & Juvenile Child Support Courts accept Credit Cards for services. Please call (615)444-2042 if you would prefer to use a credit card. By using a credit card, you are authorizing a non-refundable process fee and charge to your credit card or a debit to your account for the amount of the fee plus the processing fee of 3% with a minimum of $2.50.


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