Court Cost Fee Without Service Fee With Service
New Petitions: Dependency/Neglect, Child Support, Parentage, Paternity, TPR, Custody/Guardianship, Visitation, Cross-Filings & Counter Complaints $107.00 $149.00
Modification, Enforcement of Child Support, Interstate Support Cases, Civil Contempt, Modification of Parenting Plan $77.00 $119.00
Bench Warrant, Attachment, Show Cause If beginning or reopening a case $44.00
If case is pending $40.00
Subpoena/Subpoena Duces Tecum $6.00 $48.00
Fax Filing (NO FAX FILED ORDERS) $5.00 + $1.00 per page n/a
Order Allowing Rehearing $25.00 n/a
Notice of Appeal, Entering Judgement from Appellate Court $25.00 n/a
Record on Appeal to Appellate Court $300.00 n/a
Special Pleas $25.00 n/a
Post Judgements: Orders(including Show Cause Order), Pleas, Garnishment*, Execution, Levy, Interrogatory, Publication, Motion to Set Installment Payments $30.00 n/a
Copies (not including original filing or appellate record) $.50 per page n/a
Certified copy $5.00 + $.50 per page n/a