Category 1 Lawsuits: $317.00 without service 
For case types:
ContractsPersonal Injury
TortsProperty Damage
MalpracticeEmployment Discrimination
Wrongful DeathCivil Rights Suit
Tax DisputesSpecial Remedies
Cases not otherwise specfied

Category 2 Lawsuits: $242.00 without service 
For case types:
Worker’s Comp.Appeals from other courts
Transfers from Foreign CountiesWrit of Mandamus
Appeal from Unemployment BoardCondemnation/Inverse Condemnation
Quo Warranto actions

Category 1 Lawsuits: $192.00 without service 
For case types:
Paternity Cases Termination of Parental Rights
Other Domestic Relations Matters Not Otherwise DesignatedRestoration of Citizenship
Name ChangesMinor Settlements
Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Orders of Protection (fee not required in advance on OOP only)

Category 4 Lawsuits: New Filing: 
New Filing:
(without service)
Reopened Case:
(without service)
For case types:
Child Support Enforcement and ModificationInterstate Support Cases
Modification of Parenting PlanCivil Contempt

Divorce with minor children (without service)$292.00
Divorce without minor children (without service)$217.00

Miscellaneous Fees: 
Civil Expungement:$100.00
Cross-Filings & Counter-Complaints :$100.00
Third Party Complaints : same fee as original complaint less taxes
Petition for Appt. of Guardian and/or Conservator :
(without service)
Annual & Final Accountings: $40.00
Agreed Orders
Post Judgment Orders
Qualified Domestic Relations Order
Certified copies : $.15 per page plus $5.00 for certification
Black & White Copies: $ .15 per page
Fax Filing Fee & Outgoing Fax Fee: $5.00 for up to 50 pages
plus $1.00 per page
Issuing Subpoenas :
(plus applicable service of process)
Continuances : (per instance)
(taxed at end of case)
Garnishmen/Execution Levy:
Clerk Fee:$25.00
Sheriff's Fee:$22.00
Appeal from Probate to Chancery:
(Will Contest)
Delinquent Tax Suit :
(Per Parcel)
Tax Sale of Property:
(Per Parcel)
Redemption Fee:$27.00
Paying Out Funds: $40.00