All Estate Cases Except Small Estates:  
If published in the Lebanon Democrat $340.00
If published in the Wilson World $338.00
{Includes Petition to open estate, bond, one (1) letter, notice of creditor, notice to commissioner, inheritance tax return, NCare release, two (2) affidavits and Order to Close} Additional Letters: $5.50 Small Estate Affidavits: $133.00 Muniment of Title: $322.00 Re-Open Fees: $18.00 (petition) + $12.00 (order) + $6.00 (letter) + $7.00 (close) = $43.00 (total)

Guardianship or Conservatorship: 
With Service$294.00
Without Service$252.00
Intervening Petition / Counter-Complaint / Complaint for Will Construction: $100.00
Removal of Disabilities:
(plus service, if applicable)
Legitimation or Name Change:
(plus service, if applicable)
Mental Health Case: (plus service if applicable)

Trust Case:$322.00
Cremation Case:$107.00
Answer & Counterclaim:$25.00

To File a Claim Against Estate:$11.00
To File Exception to Claim:$42.00
Petition to Sell Real Estate in an Estate Case:$18.00
Any Orders not included in above estate costs:$12.00
Filing documents not included in above estate costs:$7.00
Issuing Process:
(plus service, if applicable)
Interim Settlements or Accountings:$40.00
Notice of Insolvency$40.00
Order of Insolvency:$12.00
Appeal Bond from Probate to Chancery:$500.00
Appeal from Probate to Chancery Court (Will Contest):$154.00
Certified copies:$.15 per page plus $5.00 for certification
Black & White Copies:$.15 per page