Wilson County, TN Circuit Court
Wilson County, TN Circuit Court



1 : a state of peace, freedom from unruly behavior, and respect for law and proper authority maintain law and order
2 : an established mode or state of procedure a call to order
3 a : a mandate from a superior authority — see also executive order
b : a ruling or command made by a competent administrative authority; specifically : one resulting from administrative adjudication and subject to judicial review and enforcement
an administrative order may not be inconsistent with the Constitution —Wells v. State, 654 So. 2d 145 (1995)
c : an authoritative command issued by the court violated a court order and was jailed for contempt
— cease-and-desist order
: an order from a court or quasi-judicial tribunal to stop engaging in a particular activity or practice (as an unfair labor practice) — compare injunction, mandamus, stay

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