Wilson County, TN Circuit Court
Wilson County, TN Circuit Court

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Circuit Court, Family Court and Juvenile Child Support Courts are currently accepting filings via the submission forms below. Your filing will be processed in the order that it (they) is(are) received. The goal is to process your submission promptly and to have the date/time stamped on the document equal to the date/time of receipt of the filing in our office. The first page of your pleading(s) will be stamped and a copy returned back to you through the email provided on the contact information. Filing on our web is the same as if it were faxed filed, costs will be $5.00 (up to 20 pages) plus $.50 per page over 20. We do require payment in advance to use this service. If you need to make other payment plans please call (615)444-2042.  When you submit your filing the webpage will direct you to a site that will accept credit card payments ($2.50 minimum) there is a non-refundable credit card processing fee.  (FOR ALL PLEADINGS ESPECIALLY NEW CASES AND/OR COMPLAINTS, PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE FILINGS WILL BE ACCEPTED AND FILED.)


Court Pleadings (Existing Cases)
Circuit Court NEW Divorce Case Submissions
General Sessions Family Court NEW Divorce Case Submissions
Court Pleadings New Juvenile Case

Court Pleadings New Juvenile Case – Child Support, Parentage, Paternity,TPR, Custody/Guardianship, and Visitation

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