Wilson County, TN Circuit Court
Wilson County, TN Circuit Court



You can download and print common forms required by the courts for free from the links below.

All documents submitted to the court need to be in triplicate (3); if you require a copy to be returned to you please submit quadruplicates (4). Copies needed but not provided by the requester will be $.50 per page; certification $5.00; if copies are to be returned by mail, a self-addressed stamped envelope should be provided by the requester. Copies may be emailed up to 20 pages for a flat fee of $5.00. (payment required before copies will be provided to you whether mailed or emailed.)
Request copies at this link:
Document copies 

The documents below are .PDF format and require a  compatible .PDF reader with the exception of the parenting plans which are Word documents.
Get Adobe PDF reader for free by clicking the link below:



File these forms at 134 S. College Street, Lebanon, TN  37087:

General Sessions Family Court Garnishment   Garnishment – Request for Installment Payments

 General Sessions Court Subpoena   

General Sessions Court Summons    General Sessions Court Petition to Reduce Child Support

2017 Parenting Plan    Income Withholding For Support

Child Support Worksheet & Instructions

Fax Filing Procedures

General Sessions Court Fax Filing Form (For EXISTING CASES ONLY – Cost of fax filing is $5.00 and $1.00 per page, including the cover sheet, and not to exceed 50 pages.  A confirmation fax will be returned to you with the cost of the filing.  Copies requested to be faxed to you we require payment at the time copies are requested and at the same costs. Please click the link below to request copies:
Wilson County General Sessions Court 
Fax # (615)449-3420

Instead of Fax filing you may also file your pleadings via the link below: ($5.00 for up to 20 pages then $.50 per page)

Court Document Filing

Public Records Request Form

Rules of Practice & Procedure-15th District

General Sessions Family Court Divorce Forms: 

      Forms with instructions for a divorce without children  

      Forms with instructions for a divorce with children

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